Raimundas Indriulis

I started my programmers career with python. Did some Odoo/openERP develpment. Later some Django. But than was long time ago, so I no longer consider my self as python developer. Some times I make some automation tools for my self, but that's it. So no python roles. I quitted python because I just can't stand html/css. So no web development roles. Currently I'm in android developer role and have android development lectures at Panevėžio kolegija. Did many work in various projects native android development in Java and kotlin. But the thing is that for the last two years I was working on a 3d graphics project in C++ and glsl shaders. So I feel bit rusty in android. Had some small projects done in Golang. I don't see many jobs needing it and I don't feel very skilled, but I like backend development in Go. Having more than 10 years experience made me capable in fast adjusting to new tech, but also made me picky to what I like to work with