DFDS tour

Video based tour site. Heavy in size. Caching needed to be reinvented. Backend writen in Go


Simple site about places to visit


android tool for inventorization of warehouse stocks.


security app local vpn feature. Added ability to filter requests. Basicly it's feature rich firewall to manage witch app can access internet. Ability to set cettain app is always blocked, blocked while screen is off, blocked from cellular or/and blocked from wifi.

Log house/cabin calculator v2

Over time first iteration of the app was completly rewriten for better performance and added fietures. Now its B2B tool for designig wholesale products. All UI and logics are writen in C/C++. For UI customized imgui library is used. Rendering is done fully on GPU(previous version utelized only CPU) using path tracing in GLSL fragment shaders, proceduraly building 3d models and texturing them. Online database is added. Accomplished with GO rest api. It stores previously made projects, clients, building materials and there prices. It has not only ability to export photorealistic images, but also can render a 360 house presentation with customizable environment. The project took me more than two years to complete. It would have been enormous project for a team of developers, but still was made by only one developer.

Log house/cabin calculator v1

Desktop app made for designing wooden homes, calculating sale prices and presenting bill of material and visualisation. UI made with wxPython. Drawings are done with openGl python bindings. Visualisation is rendered from procedualy build randering config with POV-Ray ray tracer.


Optimal planning of cargo space tool. Basicly goodLoading.com clone, customized for one client needs. Writen in javascript on threejs library with Go backend.

Prabylančios skulptūros

https://www.kupiskiovb.lt/prabylancios-skulpturos/ small singlepager for presenting information about sculptures made by Henrikas Orakauskas

Covid green certificate validation

European and Lithuanian Covid green certificate validation software for Newland stationary entry system. Writen in java.


android client for displaying feedback to clients at the registration table on a tablet screen. Writen in java. It basicly a TCP socket client that displays what it gets in a webview.


document signing on android tablet. App from rabbitMQ broker gets that there's a new document for signing. Then given document is displayed for user to read and sign. Writen in java.


android software for Newland and SUNMI M2 barcode scanners for entry ticket checking. Ability of working offline while no connectivity is present. Writen in kotlin.


android app for managing and paying for short term storage rental. Made in kotlin.


android nPoint/nSoft client used by waiter to take orders from outdoor tables. Writen in java.


android app. Internation student information app. Writen in java. Content and design is fully customizable from backend.


dating portal android app. Previosly made app was rewriten from scratch using java/kotlin.


apartment accounting software. Made on django framework. Main features are: Owner and propertie administration. Convenient used resource declaration. Tax calculation. Pay bill declaration. User polls/votes. Document presentation.


waterway navigation/route creation tool. Whole site is made on ODOO/OpenERP crm. My task was to make easy way for users to create routes on water. User picks a lake, river or/and channel by name. Unlimited number off water bodies can be added. If it was never used before it is downloaded from openstreetmaps and stored. Polylines of picked water bodies are displayded on google maps. User picks starting and finishing points. Shortest water way is caclulated between two points. Static map is stored for quick preview.